It was an unseasonably cold Easter Sunday morning, but the skies were blue and the wind was light (at the start at least). Grant, Graham, Mick, Tony and new boy Dwayne met up at Great Hinton. We headed out to Westbury and were making good time until Tony picked up puncture. After much faffing we eventually got going again. I forgot to mention that we bumped into Simon.  At Warminster we took the Imber Road over Salisbury Plain straight into a cold, strong headwind. Time was marching on and we had to get a move on to get back in time for respective family dinners. Fortunately the wind was much less of a problem from Gore Cross and we made the most of the downhill to West Lavington. Graham snapped a spoke before Worton, but didn't let a wobbly wheel hold him back. A great ride.  
four go mad on the plain
Photo taken by Mick at the highest part of Imber Rd.
Nathan & Tony set off in light sleet on a typical Feb morning. The trouble being this was the middle of March! We had a late start because of the weather, so we only had 2 hours to kill until the pub opened. The sleet became snow as we headed up to Edington from Steeple Ashto, couldn't see a thing! Thankfully, towards the end of the ride the weather improved. Anyway we had a jolly good ride and finished off in front of an open fire with a pint or two of beer. That's what it's all about.